The Egyptian Commercial Office in Moscow: Russia's investments in Egypt up to 63 million dollars
The Egyptian Commercial Office in Moscow revealed to Russian RT channel on Wednesday the volume of Russian investments in various economic sectors in Egypt.

Minister of Trade Commissioner Nasser Hamed, head of the Egyptian Trade Representation Office in Russia, said that the volume of Russian investments in Egypt has so far reached about 63 million dollars, pointing out that most of them are in tourism sector, one of the main sources of national income of Egypt.

Hamed said in a telephone conversation with RT on Wednesday that 50 percent of Russian investments are in the tourism sector, compared with 18 percent in the construction sector, 12 percent in services, 6 percent in the industrial sector and 6 percent in the sector. Communications and technology, 5% in finance, and 3% in agriculture.

He added that the number of Russian companies invested in the Egyptian economy has reached 417 companies, pointing out that the information is based on the data of the Egyptian General Investment Authority.

Hamed also pointed out that the data from the Russian side shows that the volume of Russian investments in Egypt amounted to nearly 3 billion dollars, including the oil and gas sector, including a deal worth $ 1.125 billion, bought oil company "Ross Oil" share of 30% in the field project, "noon" .

According to ITC Trade, the volume of trade between Russia and Egypt last year amounted to about 4 billion dollars, of which 3.7 billion were Russia's exports to Egypt, compared to imports worth 373 million dollars.

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