Egypt : Details of the arrest of a spy network for Turkey

Egypt : Details of the arrest of a spy network for Turkey
    Egyptian : Details of the arrest of a spy network for Turkey
    Egypt's General Intelligence Assaults Terrorism of Ankara and Doha .. Tuning a network of contacts established with Turkish intelligence and Qatari support.

    Investigations: The terrorist group has drawn up a plan since 2013 to topple the state and supported operations in the Sinai and the Valley

    General Intelligence Falcons topple the terrorism of Ankara and Doha .. Control of a network of contacts established with the funding of Turkish intelligence and support of the country .. Investigations: The terrorist group has drawn up a plan since 2013 to topple the state and supported operations in the Sinai and the Valley

    The investigations of the General Intelligence Service in the case of the telephone network in favor of Turkey, which was dismantled and the arrest of 29 accused of its elements and ordered the Attorney General to detain them in reserve, revealed that the network began its work since 2013 in the framework of an integrated plan set up by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and its elements present on the Turkish territory, And under the guidance of the Turkish intelligence and its financing and support of Qatar is clear.

    The General Intelligence investigations revealed that the main objective behind the formation of this network was the exhaustion of the Egyptian state by making it lose billions of pounds in the context of the plan to overthrow the state and facilitate the planning and execution of terrorist operations through the Muslim Brotherhood. , And work to bring the Muslim Brotherhood back to power in Egypt.

    Investigations revealed that the main objectives of the network of communications included access to confidential social, economic and security information, and analysis and classification through front interfaces such as companies that make illegal communication networks based on information analysis and communicate with their terrorist cells through certain programs encrypted on the Internet from During which pass the assignments to those terrorist cells.

    Investigations have shown that among the crimes committed by the accused in the communications network is the process of passing international calls, which is a clear violation of the law. Among the mechanisms of the network elements were the use of cheap mobile lines that contain free minutes. It facilitates the monitoring of calls through which information is analyzed and categorized. And supporting terrorist elements inside Egypt and Turkey.

    The investigations and investigations of the General Intelligence Service confirmed the existence of hard evidence and documents proving the facts of the charges against the accused elements of this network, as it turns out that these companies constitute the network of illegal communications, followed by the Turkish intelligence service, for the passage of calls between more than one country, including Turkey and in agreement with the intelligence elements Turkish.

    The investigations carried out by the General Intelligence also included full and detailed follow-up to the activities of these suspicious companies, in a way that would interrupt the possibility of communication against the Egyptian state.

    Investigations and investigations indicated that the network, in cooperation with the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Turkish intelligence service, aimed at disseminating the information collected after falsifying and manipulating it through known channels belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood. (Confusion, termination, resolution, and then the overthrow of the state).

    The investigations and the efforts of the General Intelligence Service regarding the dismantling of the communications network included controlling the devices used and raiding the organizational headquarters of the network's elements after obtaining the necessary legal authorization from the Public Prosecution and the arrest of the accused and submitting them to the Supreme State Security Prosecution. Accused, along with other accused Turks.

    Investigations by the General Intelligence revealed that the devices that were used by the elements of the communications network were hidden under the guise of natural companies. However, the General Intelligence Service is able to track and monitor the intelligence activities of the elements of the network and monitor them in full.

    Investigations revealed that the process of passing calls was carried out between Egyptians inside, Egyptians living abroad, and members of the fleeing fugitives in Turkey through their own foreign networks of espionage, which represents an unconventional espionage.

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