Establishment of 70 fields for wheat crop in Sa'aydeh Valley in Aswan

Establishment of 70 fields for wheat crop in Sa'aydeh Valley in Aswan
    Establishment of 70 fields for wheat crop in Sa'aydeh Valley in Aswan
    The Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, represented by the Agricultural Research Center and the National Campaign for the Promotion of Wheat Crop, started to establish 70 extension fields for the wheat crop in the Wadi El Saayda area in Aswan.

    Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation Dr. Abdel Moneim El Banna said in a press statement that the necessary fields were planted to cultivate wheat fields on the terraces in Saida valley, as well as to provide quantities of crops that meet the needs of planting.

    The Minister of Agriculture pointed out that the research team currently in Wadi Saaideh area has been holding continuous meetings with farmers in the region through field schools and training seminars to identify farmers' problems and work to solve them immediately, as well as raising awareness of modern agricultural methods and practices to maximize productivity. , Of different crops.

    The Minister stressed the importance of the farming system on the terraces, which contributes to increasing the productivity of the crop, and the provision of quantities of seeds, irrigation water and fertilizer used in agriculture, which also contributes to increase the income of farmers.

    The Minister of Agriculture said that the veterinary convoy sent to the Wadi al-Saaydeh area has passed through all villages in the area to vaccinate animals against various animal diseases and epidemics.

    Al-Banna stressed the need to coordinate the research team with all the concerned bodies of the Directorate of Agriculture in Aswan, and the land reclamation sector, to address all the problems facing the people of the region, as well as the need of researchers from all disciplines on a continuous basis to transfer the most important technical recommendations and the deployment of high- .
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