First return of civilians to Raqqa, the former stronghold of Syria IS
Hundreds of Raqqa residents have returned home in recent days, forming the first wave of returns since a Kurdish-Arab alliance has ousted the Islamic State (IS) group from its largest stronghold in Syria, according to this force.

IS lost Raqqa on October 17th after long months of fighting against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), backed by Washington.

Tens of thousands of people fled this city of northern Syria during the offensive that turned it into a ghost town full of mines left by jihadists.

In a statement, the SDF claimed that "hundreds of inhabitants" of al-Mechleb, a neighborhood in the east of the city, had returned home.

"The SDS has informed the al-Mechleb civilians that they can return home after the demining teams have finished cleaning up the neighborhood of ISIS explosives in the houses." , according to this text published Sunday.

This is "the first neighborhood residents have been returning to since the liberation of the city," the SDS said.

After the capture of Raqqa, the SDS invested the city to allow the launch of mine clearance operations that are still continuing in other neighborhoods.

In recent weeks, many residents have been massing at SDF roadblocks trying to reach their neighborhoods and see their homes.

Some civilians who managed to defy the bans were killed by mines.

Masters of a vast territory in Syria and Iraq a few months ago, jihadists are now cornered in an area of ​​western Iraq and eastern Syria that is the target of various offensives of two sides of the border.

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