Geostorm 2017 for Gerard Butler and Amr Waked achieves $ 138 million
Geostorm, starring Gerard Butler and Amr Waked, won a good success at the World Cup box office during its second week, earning US $ 138 million, after being screened at more than 3,246 movie theaters since it was released on Friday, October 20, 2017, according to the site "Box Office Mugu" US.

The film is part of the Warner Bros. film studio, which is directed and directed by Dean Devlin. The film is starring Gerard Butler, Amr Waked, Catherine Winnick, Ed Harris, Abby Cornish, Jim Sturgis, Andi Garcia.

The story of the film is part of the excitement and scientific imagination, when the global satellite network designed specifically to control the climate in the world begins a violent attack on the planet, then the real threat of the planet is detected by the "Geostrom" team assigned to those tasks in all Around the world, heading to outer space to prevent satellites controlling climate conditions from triggering a devastating storm.

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