Hezbollah warns Israel: "We are stronger than ever"

Hezbollah warns Israel: "We are stronger than ever"
    The leader of the Lebanese Shiite militia warned Tel Aviv to stay on the sidelines of the conflict with Saudi Arabia. Guterres and Tillerson ask for calm to all the actors.
    Hezbollah warns Israel: "We are stronger than ever"

    In a television broadcast that was intended to cool the mood but ended up throwing a few more gasses into the bonfire, Lebanese Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Friday devalued fears of Israel's involvement in the country's political crisis, at the same time warning the Benjamin Netanyahu Government that he "would be making a terrible miscalculation if he tried to take advantage of the situation to launch an attack."

    Hezbollah is "stronger and more confident than ever" to respond to any threat, Nasrallah said. The scene of escalating tension with Israel and Iran entering into the open conflict with Saudi Arabia - and with it the risk that Lebanon will become the scene of a new proxy war between the two great powers of the Middle East - is "very unlikely," Nasrallah said, though not entirely impossible.

    Analysts note that Israel traditionally does not intervene in issues seen as "exclusively Arabs," such as the iron arm between the Shiite and Sunni blocs represented by Iran and Saudi Arabia. However, a diplomatic dispatch that leaked to the press, instructing Israeli ambassadors to echo the Saudi position after Hariri's resignation, shows that the Netanyahu government may be trying to seize instability in Lebanon to pressure Iran.

    Nasrallah has again blamed Saudi Arabia for the unexpected resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri: for Hezbollah leader, the Beirut government chief has been coerced by Saudi Arabia into "meaningless and unprecedented interference" in matters of Lebanon. "The dismissal was made under constraint, and so it is illegal and invalid. Hariri is our political adversary, but he is also our prime minister, "he said.

    In a brief comment after Nasrallah's address, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson insisted that "all actors inside and outside Lebanon have a duty to respect the integrity and independence of their legitimate institutions, and to avoid any action that undermines its stability ".

    Tillerson said nothing about Hariri's situation: the State Department's official position, spokesman Heather Nauert said, is that it has nothing to do with the reasons that justified its
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