How to buy a ticket for the 2018 World Cup?

How to buy a ticket for the 2018 World Cup?
    How to buy a ticket for the 2018 World Cup?
    A simple instruction: November 16, the sale of tickets for the World Cup-2018 resumed. The new period will last until November 28 - you can buy tickets in the order of electronic queue.

    How much are the tickets?

    What kind of tickets can I buy now?

    At the World Cup 2018 there are five types of tickets:

    1. For a certain match

    2. Package for a certain stadium

    3. Package for a specific team

    4. Fan tickets

    5. Tickets fan for a certain team

    How to buy a ticket for the 2018 World Cup?

    With the first and second types, everything is clear.

    The third type - it can be a package of 3 to 7 matches. Three-legged guarantees the visit of all matches of the team in the group stage. Seven-match - up to the finals. In this case, if your team has finished the performance, then the action of the tickets extends to the matches of the team, which went further instead of it).

    The fourth type is tickets to the group stage of a certain team. It's the same as a three-match package for a certain team.

    The fifth type - applies to matches of a certain team only in the playoffs (from 1 to 4), but its action ends with the departure of your team from the tournament. We lost in the 1/8 finals - no luck. But the money for the rest of the matches will be returned - except for the commission for service (from 10 to 40 dollars).

    Can I still buy the cheapest tickets of the 4th category?

    Not at this stage. The entire quota of the first stage for the 4th category was chosen in the first period. Now the second period of the first stage has begun. Once again, such tickets will be available only in the second stage of sales, which starts on December 5.

    How many tickets can I buy?

    Maximum 28. One person has the right to purchase no more than 4 tickets of any type. That is, you can take 4 packages of a certain team for 7 matches. Or 4 packages of fan tickets - then it will be only 12 matches.

    It is forbidden to submit several applications for the same match. In addition, you can not go to two different matches in one day. Even if you physically imagine how to crank it, you can not buy such tickets.

    This is understandable, where to go and what to press?

    First you need to register on the FIFA website (you can sign in via Facebook). Then prepare all the necessary data - passport and postal address with the index - not only for yourself, but for everyone to whom you are going to buy tickets. After that, you can go choose.

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