Japan found wreck With bony human shore
Japan Today - The Japanese Coast Guard reported that eight wooden skulls were jutting off the coast of Akita. People found the ship in the sea on Friday morning, while the Coast Guard officers were checking in, but could not access due to unfavorable weather conditions.

Later, the Coast Guard returned to check again on Sunday. The ship was smashed into the beach in Kazuya. Of Akita Prefecture The officers met the human skeleton within the ship. However, the boat and skeleton are currently under investigation.

However, this is not the first time the Japanese coast authorities have found the wreck in a similar manner. Earlier this month, three North Korean men were rescued and severely injured by two ships. In Ishikawa Prefecture In Aomori Prefecture On Saturday, the Japanese coast guards found dead bodies, males and wooden boats, expected to come from North Korea. Earlier, eight men were found aboard the northern coast of the country, police said. Do not use North Koreans who want to escape.

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