Japan vs Brazil live stream Friday 10 November 2017 Friendly Match

Japan vs Brazil live stream Friday 10 November 2017 Friendly Match
    Japan vs Brazil live stream Friday 10 November 2017 Friendly Match
    On Friday, November 10, at 15:00 a friendly match will be held between the national teams of Japan and Brazil. The game will take place in the French city of Villeneuve d'Ascq on the field of the Pierre Morua stadium. Both teams are aimed at a positive result, and this match will be held in a neutral field. The nominal hosts are the Japanese, but, most likely, the Brazilian football players will feel more confident. The reason is simple - many of this team play in the fields of Europe, so most football analysts predict the Brazilian success. It is also worth noting that both teams know each other well and played several unofficial matches at the invitation of goodwill ambassadors. Permanent expert Footballtips Vedran Ostoich believes that this meeting will be held at the oncoming courses, and both teams will play for their fans, regardless of the possible outcome. Vedran also focused on the attack of the Japanese national team and on its possible hammered ball. Further, the expert presented a more detailed report on the upcoming fight, and also shared his valuable advice and forecasts for the game.

    The national team of Japan performed best at the qualifying stage of the World Championship and on "hurray" passed from the first to the third round of qualification. In the latter, the Japanese took the first place in Group A and automatically (however, as always) got a direct ticket to Russia. The game against Brazil in the suburbs of Lille will be for the wards of Vahid Khalilkhodzic something like a dress rehearsal for the world championship, and the Bosnian specialist, in turn, will test talented youth from the Japanese J-League. Compared with the Brazilian national team, the Japanese do not look as bright as in Asia, so most football experts are inclined to the success of the South American leader. A group of analysts from William Hill views the Brazilians on the side of the favorites, but does not forget the specific rules of the match. Most likely, players of this team will allow opponents to conduct beautiful attacks, but, ultimately, they will win in an effective duel. The bookmaker suggests betting on the victory of the Brazilian national team with the difference in one goal scored by a coefficient of 3.75.

    The head coach of the Brazilian team Tite is somewhat upset by the performances of his players in the framework of the qualifying cycle of the 2018 World Cup. In their region, the Brazilians showed the wrong football, which they were expected from. Yes, pentakampiony took first place on the basis of qualification, but the results of the team there were obvious shortcomings, because the team played many times with a draw with no notable opponents. Perhaps the key role was played by the gap between the nearest pursuers on points and the inability of individual players to play at full strength. You can consider the example of Neimar, who was too busy with the transition from Brcelona to PSG, and Gabriel Jesus shortly "caught the star" in Manchester City. All this left a negative imprint on the results of the Brazilian national team, but still the national team will present itself at the mundiale. In the last five matches, the Brazilians did not lose, and even managed to defeat Chile with a classic score of 3: 0. The problem is also that in the past six months the blue and yellow had problems in organizing attacks on the road and scored frankly few.

    The Japanese team won the right to participate in the World Cup 2018 ahead of time and therefore was defeated in the last official away match against the less impressive team of Saudi Arabia with a minimum score of 0: 1. Also, the Japanese held a number of friendly meetings in the summer, among which is a duel against the national team of Haiti. The islanders stayed well and held three goals at the gate of Japan (3: 3). Also, the nominal hosts played a friendly match with players from New Zealand and were able to win 2: 1. These results give us to understand that the Asian team will not stumble in front of the magicians of the ball and will try to score in their goal a quick goal.

    Speaking about possible goals, it's worth knowing that the Japanese do not have any problems with this, because the national team could not score only one of the last 25 matches held since August 2015 (just the same for the Saudi team). Also worth mentioning is that, within the qualification, the Japanese "clogged" the Australian team with a score of 2: 0. Brazil, on the contrary, held more matches without goals, so the most fair result of the upcoming meeting will be any productive score. The group of analysts from Ladbrokes made up their model of this fight and believes that the Brazilian team will miss even at the end of the first half. The bookmaker proposes to bet on a coefficient of 2.20 on the fact that both teams will surely score.

    Japan vs Brazil 1:3

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