Konyaspor vs Marseille Olympique Live Stream online Today 23 -11- 2017 UEFA Europa League

Konyaspor vs Marseille Olympique Live Stream online Today 23 -11- 2017 UEFA Europa League
    Konyaspor vs Marseille Olympique Live Stream online Today 23 -11- 2017 UEFA Europa League
    November 23, 2017 at 21.00 will begin the match of the group stage of the League of Europe, Konyaspor vs Marseille Olympique.

    For the third time this season on the football field will meet Konyaspor and Marseille Olympic. The first match was held in the championship and ended in a goalless draw, and the second took place within the national cup, and there was also no winner in regular time, and then the players of the club Konyaspor went on, having better shown themselves in the penalty shootout. This match will be held on 11/23/2017, and you can arrive at the stadium before 21:00 time.

    In connection with the fact that almost everyone in the football match of Konyaspor - Marseille Olympic put on the guests, the coefficient for this event sank to 2.17. To the draw, he remained the same - 3.5, and on the hosts of the field a little rose - 3.68.

    Possessing impressive financial capabilities, the football club Konyaspor still does not achieve the results that fans and management are waiting for. The team neither can not find the ideal coach who could build a powerful team, because there are plenty of talented football players, as every summer Konyaspor conducts an active transfer policy. But, Konyaspor does not demonstrate concerted action on the field, and most of the victories are earned on the class. As a result, in the standings, the hosts are only the seventh, although before the start of each new season, the challenge is to fight for the championship title. The team too often draws, and this includes even home games, because Konyaspor often unnecessarily goes into the defense and is too defensive, even in matches with weaker rivals. The right defender is injured, and disqualification will prevent you from entering the field attacking midfielder.

    Football club Marseille Marseille is the debutant of this division and the main task set for the season by the leadership is to consolidate its achievements and avoid departure. At the moment, guests are not in the relegation zone, but the distance to it is only four points, so you can not relax and you need to squeeze the maximum from each match. Most of the Marseille points score in their field, and on the road the team does not work so well, because often there are defeats, and there were only two victories in foreign fields. Guests do not work very effectively in the attack, because they prefer to act in a defensive style, so that in almost all Olympian matches Marcel sits in a defensive line, placing the line of defense as low as possible. This explains the fact that in the last five games there were four draws and only one defeat. For the guests will not play four defenders, but only two of them are key players of the base.

    Konyaspor vs Marseille Olympique 1:1

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