Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Astana live stream Thursday 02 November 2017 UEFA Europa League
The doubles of the two "black pearls" of Kazakhstan's football - Patrick Tvumasi and Junior Kabananga - provided Astana with a match in round 3 with Tel Aviv McCabee, not only the first victory in the group stage of the Europa League, but also the biggest victory of the capital club in Eurocups in history (4 : 0). 

Due to this success, Astana residents with 4 points climbed to the third place and only 1 point behind the duo of leaders, who are the Spanish Villarreal and Czech Slavia. The Israeli club with 1 point is an outsider of this quartet. Before the start of the group stage it was the Spanish "yellow submarine" that was considered the unconditional favorite, but after the first round Villarreal failed to create the necessary reserve and all four teams retained the chances of continuing the fight in the 1/16 finals. Of course, Maccabi's prospects look least rosy, at least because of a deficit of points. 

But the Israelis have two home games with the main, as it seems, competitors - Astana and Slavia. But even 7 potential points are unlikely to give Israelis a ticket to the European spring, so we will have to take points back in Spain, but there to play in the final round and by that time the "submarine" can solve its problems. Astana has a much better chance of seceding from the group, but Kazakhstan team from the three remaining matches have two to play on the road. 
Astana's guest stats in European cups are horrific - only 1 victory in 17 last fights with 6 draws and 10 defeats. And at home, where the Kazakhs do not lose 17 matches in European tournaments, play with Villarreal. And just "submariners" so far the last to win in the capital of Kazakhstan from the European teams. 

The disposition before the second paired match of rivals is such that both teams are obliged to play for the victory, so you can expect to have an uncompromising struggle. Maccabi will lose all chances to continue the fight, if he concedes in this meeting, and in the game of Slavia and Villarreal will not be drawn a draw.

Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Astana 0:1

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