Maria Komandnaya will draw the 2018 World Cup

Maria Komandnaya will draw the 2018 World Cup
    Maria Komandnaya will draw the 2018 World Cup
    The main party before the World Cup will be held on December 1 in the Kremlin. The draw will be played by British TV star Gary Lineker and Russian sports TV presenter Maria Komandnaya.

    How to choose a Team

    FIFA has traditionally chosen to draw lots of world-famous models - Heidi Klum in Germany-2006, Charlize Theron in South Africa-2010, Fernando Lima in Brazil-2014.

    In mid-November, Maria called from FIFA and told, she can become the leading draw. Then the Command passed an interview, which checked her level of English and knowledge of football. The very next day the journalist was sent a contract, and on November 17 she announced the appointment.

    "I will be on the same stage with Gary Lineker and other football legends. Thank you so much for your trust. I feel like a very happy person, "- wrote the team after the appointment.

    On TV she was brought by Utkin

    Maria Komandnaya will draw the 2018 World Cup
    Maria told that she never dreamed of being a sports journalist, but was going to become a film critic. Everything changed when Vasily Utkin came to journalism at the Moscow State University. After the meeting, the commentator found the Team in LJ - Russia's most popular blogging platform - and called for an interview.

    "You do not suit us. Why take you to work, if you in a couple of years will marry a football player? ". I was indignant and said: "This is for whom?". And he answers: "For Roma Shishkin." I then told Romke this story, he also laughed, "- recalled the Command.

    A couple of months after the interview, the girl called back. As a result, they took on NTV + Football. However, she received the first money only six months later.

    Maria did the plots for the program "Football Club". The last and probably most memorable work was a short film about the American player of "Fulham" Clint Dempsey.

    She worked on seven TV channels

    Career in sports media Team started at 17 years old. Now she is 29. During these 12 years she tried herself in different roles and on different channels.

    After a year and a half on "NTV + Football" Maria went to "Radio Sport" - where she together with Ekaterina Kirilcheva conducted the program "What Women Want".

    In 2010, the Team was taken to the "First Channel". During the Olympics in Vancouver, she did reports from the scene. After the Games, it was necessary to shoot video for sports stories and write lyrics for the leading ones. Considering that this work can be done by trainees, Maria resigned.

    In the summer of 2011 she came to "Russia 2". The team and her co-host Katerina Kirilcheva interviewed the invited athlete for an hour. She herself told me that the project to some extent was a video version of a radio show. The pilot issue was called Outside the Game. It was shown on July 4th. Since September, the program began to be published regularly under the name "90x60x90" - "90 minutes lasts a football match, 60 minutes are broadcast, 90 questions that do not give the hero a chance to hide anything." The guests of the program were Evgeni Malkin, Dmitry Torbinsky and even Roberto Carlos. In March 2012 the team left the project. She explained this by saying that she "wanted to change something in life." However, there was a version that she had a conflict with Kirilcheva.

    A few days later, the Command was called to "Rain" - to conduct a daily information program "Sport on the Rain." She went out in the evening and lasted about half an hour. The last broadcast of the team was held on May 29, 2014, but with Maria, Maria has been collaborating so far, and twice before leaving she did interviews in the Hard Day's Night program (with the general producer of Match TV, Tina Kandelaki and former RFU Secretary General Anatoly Vorobyov).

    On the "Match TV" Team worked with the launch of the TV channel. Initially, the team led the morning show "You can more" about a healthy lifestyle. But the program was unsuccessful and soon closed. "It seemed to me that there was no point in making an expensive morning show for women. Before working with the female audience, we needed to establish relations with the nuclear audience, sports fans, "said channel consultant Charles Koplin. "We began to chmorit: they say, the women staged the TV channel" Home "- added one of the creators of the program. Subsequently, the Command focused on the information and analysis program "Everyone at the Match," sometimes doing flash interviews and once even commented on the match, during which she cried "GOOOL!" For a long time. A couple of days later, a lot of memes appeared.

    "I myself produced this story myself," the Command explained. - A few days before the reportage asked me to take a picture of me in the studio "All for the Match" as if I were screaming - and also bring the image to the big screen. I felt that this photo has every chance of becoming a meme. I wanted to arrange a certain performance from the match "Lazio" - "Verona".
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