Mathematician Doreen Assaad becomes mayor of Brossard

Mathematician Doreen Assaad becomes mayor of Brossard
    Mathematician Doreen Assaad becomes mayor of Brossard
    (Brossard) At the age of 80, incumbent Mayor Paul Leduc failed to convince the electorate to give him a sixth term as head of Brossard.

    The citizens of the South Shore municipality have named mathematician and businesswoman Doreen Assaad as the head of this booming city. At the time of publication, the Brossard party candidate was elected with 39% of the vote, a comfortable advance on her closest rival. This is the first time in 30 years that a woman is brought to the town hall of this city.

    Ms. Assaad, a city councilor since 2009, will be able to count on the support of seven councilors from her party elected for a possible ten. His team also won the central district.

    "I will be the mayor of the concert," she told La Presse a few minutes after the announcement of her victory.

    The new mayor has marked the not very early in the race by engaging in the first 100 days of his election to the development of an "international standard ISO anticorruption". The resident of Brossard for fifteen years also wants to introduce a participatory budget. And shed light on the construction of City Hall that has been eternal.

    "Citizens want change. They no longer want decisions behind closed doors. They did not want to trust the outgoing mayor for a sixth term, "she added, adding that there is gender parity in her party.

    "I'm not bitter"

    Outgoing Mayor Paul Leduc came in third with 22% of the vote. His campaign was marked by controversy when he had to defend a $ 91,200 contract awarded to a young carpool company for less than 200 trips in five months.

    "I believe that citizens have been influenced by the falsehoods conveyed by the opposition and some media," he said, learning of defeat. I'm not bitter, I made five mandates at the town hall. But it is clear that my opponents come to power with allegations. "

    The independent candidate running for mayor, Hoang Mai, finished the race in second place with 25% of the vote. It was based on the vote of the population of Brossard, made up of about 45% of people from visible communities.

    The fourth candidate, who was trying to return to the town hall, Jean-Marc Pelletier, of Renouveau Brossard, had doubts during the campaign when information revealed that he shares his life between a house in Montreal and a home in Brossard. He made a final effort to be re-elected this week, denouncing the possibility of some failures in the delivery of the reminder cards to vote. He won 13% of the vote.
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