Merve Bolugur and Murat Dalkılıc are making peace?
Murat Dalkılıc and Merve Bolugur , who were recently released, are talking about reuniting.

Merve Bolugur and Murat Dalkılıc spent 2 months in marriage. A few days ago Mele Boluğur's mother Nehra Bolugur  was disturbed. The beautiful actress took her mother and ran to the hospital immediately. Bolugur  shared the square with the note "Very thankfully my mother" in the story section of the instagram, which she took while holding Nehra Hanim's hand.

When Murat Dalkılıç saw the ex-partner share, he immediately hugged the phone. The singer, who is looking for Merve Bolugur, said, "Get past. Is there anything I can do? "

After the reflection of these reports, Murat Dalkılıç confirmed that he was looking for his ex-wife in an interview given to 'The Insensitive Kalmasın'. "We did not leave as bad as we thought," said the singer.

After the publication of this interview, the hosts of the program claimed that the couple could come together again.

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