Mohamed Salah wins respect for the world after the summit of Liverpool and Chelsea
Mohamed Salah wins respect for the world after the summit of Liverpool and Chelsea .. Pharaoh refused to celebrate his rehabilitation in front of the Blues in solidarity with the martyrs of the Al-Rawda mosque incident

The Arab and international media devoted a lot of space to talking about the Egyptian star Mohammed Salah, who continued his series of brilliance with Liverpool and managed to score his tenth goal in the current edition of the Premier League Premier League in Liverpool and Chelsea match held yesterday at Anfield Stadium. The top of the 13 round matches of the tournament.

The media highlighted Mohammed Salah's refusal to celebrate the goal he scored at his old club Chelsea. He regretted the victims of the terrorist attack in the city of Beersheba in northern Sinai, which resulted in the martyrdom of 305 people to gain sympathy and respect for all.

"The Egyptian star did not celebrate the goal of his grief over the terrorist attack that targeted a mosque in the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula," the news network said. Killing hundreds of people.

The site of "Russia Today", "Pharaoh Salah refuses to commemorate his goal to mourn the lives of martyrs of the mosque kindergarten," noting that Mohammed Salah, who only raised his hands to the top, in respect and solidarity with the victims of the bombing of the mosque, The English league, after raising the balance of goals to 10.

Al-Arabiya net also rejected Mohamed Salah's goal of celebrating Chelsea's goal, saying: "Mohamed Salah scores his goal .. He refuses to celebrate!"

Mohamed Salah wins respect for the world after the summit of Liverpool and Chelsea
"It is nice for celebrities to feel the pain of their countries, and more beautiful to be able to suppress their" joy "justified in a moment of victory in order to take care of the injured who solved the hundreds, this is what happened with the Egyptian professional player in the ranks of Liverpool Liverpool English Mohamed Salah in a game Chelsea ".

The British Sun newspaper also asked why the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah did not celebrate his goal against his old Chelsea team, pointing to a discrepancy in why Salah did not celebrate the goal, whether it was because of his record against the old team he had been playing for three years or because The terrorist incident that targeted Al-Rawdah mosque on Friday, which killed 305 martyrs, explaining that the second reason is the closest. As well as the site of the "Bleacher Report" English, which confirmed that the state of grief that pervades the Egyptian people because of the incident of El-Arish terrorist behind the failure of Mohammed Salah's response to the rehabilitation of the consideration before Chelsea, who gave up his services.

English football legend Gary Linker said earlier that Mohammed Salah did not celebrate his goal against the Blues after posting on his official website Twitter. "I'm not a fan of not celebrating players against Their former clubs, but I think that Mohammed Salah did not celebrate in front of Chelsea to show respect for the Egyptians who lost their lives on Friday. "

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