Mohammed Ramadan and Yasmin Sabry start filming "Diesel"
Mohammed Ramadan and Yasmin Sabry will begin filming their first film, "Diesel" after a series of delays, in the "Green Packages" on October 6, the site of Ahmed Al-Sobki.

The film starring Fathi Abdel Wahab and Hana Sheha, Mohammed Tharwat, Shaima Seif, Khaled Kamal and Mohamed Ali Rizk, composed by Amin Gamal, Mohammad Mehrez and Mahmoud Hamdan, produced by Ahmed Al-Sobki and directed by Karim Al-Sobki.

It is noteworthy that Yasmine Sabry contracted the film championship in the last moments, where the product was used by Ahmed Al-Sobki as substitute for the Lebanese star Haifa Wahbi, to avoid any crises with the Syndicate of acting or cinematic professions, especially after the union imposed sanctions, against the background of crisis with the producer Mohamed Wastewater.

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