Mouscron vs Anderlecht Live Stream online 18-11 - 2017 Belgium - Jupiler League

Mouscron vs Anderlecht Live Stream online 18-11 - 2017 Belgium - Jupiler League
    Mouscron vs Anderlecht Live Stream online 18-11 - 2017 Belgium - Jupiler League
    Anderlecht is certainly one of the grandees of the championship of Belgium. And in the opinion of bookmakers, are obliged here to take a confident 3 points. 

    But I would not say that right now, Anderlecht is in great shape. At the moment, their position in the league - 3. Mouscron recall 8 line at the moment. In the last five rounds, the team has three wins, but if the team wins at home without any problems, then on the road the difficulty creates itself. After the first three draws, in which Anderlecht and could not score, the team began to play matches on the road quite differently.

    Here are three matches between each other on the Mouscron field:
    30.07.16 HV Mouscron Anderlecht 1: 2
    03/05/16 Maskron Anderlecht 2: 1
    12/06/14 HV Mouscron Anderlecht 4: 2

    2: 5, 3: 2, 2: 1, 3: 2, 2: 2, 1: 3, 2: 2 are the results of Mouscron's home games this season. There was a time, I saw a couple of matches with this team. In many ways, they are betting on standards, as the team is quite large. Playing at home, they try to play first number, which leads to holes in the defense. In the attack, everything is fine, but there is a problem behind it, as a large number of players go ahead. In turn, Anderlecht in the last time on the road plays quite effectively. 2: 3 with Eupen, 3: 4 with Mechelen, 1: 2 with Vasland-Beveren. Here are three extreme guest matches of Anderhelhet in the championship.

    The hosts with the composition of problems there, all the key players are ready to play. The guests can not be helped immediately by 2 players, this is: midfielder Nahar, who is missing for a long time, and also a young defender - Owl Ajay, who is missing for a long time.

    Based on all of the above, I think Mouscron will not step away from his aggressive game at home. Of course with Anderlecht will not be able to constantly be in the attack, but the hosts will have moments, I'm sure. In turn, guests, as a team above the class, simply must dictate the course of the game. Between themselves on the Mouscron field in all three matches, the teams exchanged goals. I think this match will not be an exception on goals, and in this mast can score

    Mouscron vs Anderlecht  1:2

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