Mugabe party holds meeting to discuss exit of president
Meeting takes place on Sunday (19) after thousands take to the streets to ask exit of leader of Zimbabwe this Saturday (18).

Zimbabwe's political op-mate Robert Mugabe, ZANU-PF, will meet on Sunday to discuss the end of his term, a deputy and a member of the party said on Saturday.

"There is a meeting of the central committee (on Sunday) to approve the resolutions reached by the provinces," said the deputy, who asked for anonymity, referring to Friday's decision of eight of the ten regional sections to ask for Mugabe's resignation. 93 years, as president and leader of the party.

"Yes, we met (on Sunday) to support the decisions of the nine provinces," said a member who also asked for anonymity.

"We will withdraw him as president and first secretary of the party," the source added.

The meeting will take place after thousands of protesters marched on the streets of Harare on Saturday to urge the president to step down in Zimbabwe in an army-backed mobilization that took control of the country this week.

Mugabe party holds meeting to discuss exit of president
"It's a long time, Mugabe has to leave," "Rest in peace Mugabe," and "No to the Mugabe dynasty" were posters displayed by the protesters, most of them black, but also many whites, something unusual.

These demonstrations against Mugabe, which began peacefully on Saturday morning, ended a week of unprecedented political crisis in Zimbabwe, where the Armed Forces took control of the country and placed the head of state in power since 1980.

The intervention of the army represents a turn in the long reign of Mugabe, marked by the repression of any opposition and a serious economic crisis.

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