North Korea: Pyongyang offers its services to Algeria to launch a satellite

North Korea: Pyongyang offers its services to Algeria to launch a satellite
    North Korea: Pyongyang offers its services to Algeria to launch a satellite
    North Korea's ambassador to Algeria, Choi Hyuk Chul, has confirmed his country's desire to transfer its expertise in space technology to Algeria and help it launch an Algerian-made satellite.

    "We will be happy to transfer our expertise in space technology to Algeria and are prepared to accompany Algeria to launch its satellite and Algerian hands and launch from Algeria, not from China or India," the North Korean ambassador said.

    "The embargo imposed on us by America and its allies has contributed to strengthening our technological capabilities, not just military ones, relying on ourselves. We have high technology in the field of industrial agriculture, such as tractors, space technologies and energy," Choi Hyuk Chul said. And strong in the field of conversion of coal, which depends entirely on the production of energy, such as electricity and methane.

    The Korean diplomat said that North Korea could provide this expertise to Algeria, noting that coal can be relied on as an alternative to oil or as a supplement.

    North Korea: Pyongyang offers its services to Algeria to launch a satellite
    On whether there are agreements with Algerian businessmen, Choi Hyuk Chul said that there are intense discussions, indicating in the context that several meetings have been held with Algerian businessmen and businessmen.

    The North Korean ambassador said that the intention exists in principle in principle, and that the agreement between the two sides of views exists, but the US blockade is a stumbling block in the face of this cooperation.

    "We are betting on Algeria, the largest African country and the closest geographically to Europe. We support its efforts to demand Africa's two seats on the UN Security Council and its well-known diplomatic reputation, which is a big supporter of just causes," he said. "We also support Algeria in the Palestinian cause. We are with it and with the Palestinian people. We will never recognize the existence of Israel, no matter what," he said, referring to Algeria and its struggles for freedom.

    Ambassador Choi Hyuk Chul spoke at length about the latest developments in the Korean file, especially with the recent US escalation. "The United States, along with the hostile forces, is threatening us with the goal of obstructing economic development and abandoning our nuclear weapons. To choose another way, but the wolf yesterday is still a wolf today, and can never leave his nature until his death. "

    "We will never give up the nuclear power to defend ourselves even if the sky collapses. As long as there is American imperialism on this planet, there is aggression and war, we can never stop our nuclear development or abandon our nuclear weapons," he said.

    On the Algerian position on the crisis facing North Korea, the ambassador stressed that the Algerian government always attaches great importance to the developments on the Korean Peninsula and hopes not to ignite the war in this region and achieve peace, stability and unification between North and South Korea.
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