North Korea turns border watchdog military
CNN and Daily Mail reported, "said Kim Young-Woo, chairman of the Defense Ministry. 

North Korea has changed its military presence at the demilitarized zone, or the demilitarized zone of the two Koreas. After the military escaped defection to South Korea on 13 November ago. Mr. Kim said. 

"This is part of the punishment. Due to the failure of the North Korean military to stop the escape. North Korea often punishes offenders in a similar manner.

North Korea turns border watchdog military
Mark Parker, senior officer of the US Embassy in Seoul, said: Find motion

The Daily Mail reported. South Korea has deployed a large-scale broadcasting loudspeaker that can broadcast to North Korea for up to 20 kilometers to inform its survivors. And as a propaganda campaign to the North Korean people, the North Ginseng is often not satisfied.

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