preston vs aston villa live stream 02.11.2017 England - npower Championship

preston vs aston villa live stream 02.11.2017 England - npower Championship
    preston vs aston villa live stream 02.11.2017 England - npower Championship
    In one of the final matches of the next round of the Championships Preston will be hosted by Aston Villa. Both teams in this season are going to argue for vouchers to the elite.

    When the tour is played among the week, the physical form of the team becomes very important. In this regard, "villans" lose to their opponent, they had one day less rest, after a grueling derby, which is hardly pleased with their result. Draw was a natural outcome, as "Birmingham" lay down to a stronger opponent, doing everything to break the game "villans".

    "Preston" overtook the black bar. Alex Nile's wards can not win four games in a row, but it's even more surprising that a normally closed team started giving away extravaganza extravaganza. The difference in the class between the teams if there is, then it is not essential. Although "Preston" a little lost form, but still shows a decent game, amid fatigue and a weak game at a party with the "villans", it's the hosts I would call the favorite.


    "Preston" perfectly started this season. The team held for a long time in the first six, but the crisis that covered the line of defense, on the basis of the results of the last round, pushed the team to the ninth place. Although to the same "Aston Villa", which goes sixth, the distance is only two points. It can not be said that the "invulnerable" play poorly in the attack, but their nickname on defense is clearly not justified. In the last four rounds, the team played a 2: 2 draw with Sunderland and Fulham, and also lost 2: 3 to Wolverhampton and Brentford.

    Aston Villa

    "Aston Villa" has recently played in the Premier League, but at the end of the season 2015/16 moved to the Championship. Last season, too, did not ask - the tenth place in the Championships hardly considered successful, more likely a failure. Therefore, this summer the management of Villan has started a serious restructuring. In the team appeared Terry, Snodgrass, Samba. However, Aston Villa started off unsuccessfully. The main cause of a bad start can be called a series of injuries. Although the gradual "villans" came to their senses. "Aston Villa" has not lost 11 matches in a row.

    preston vs aston villa 0:2

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