PSG vs Nantes Live Stream online 18-11 - 2017 France - Ligue 1

PSG vs Nantes Live Stream online 18-11 - 2017 France - Ligue 1
    PSG vs Nantes Live Stream online 18-11 - 2017 France - Ligue 1
    Nothing comes of "Nantes" in the games against PSG. 11 consecutive defeats in League 1 is the current black series (5 at home, 6 at "Park de Prens"). 

    "Canaries" during this period scored just four goals, conceding 32. Worse, in Paris, the "yellow-green" did not score a single point since November 22, 2002 (1-0 victory) - almost 15 years of deficit! Since then, "Nantes" traveled to the capital nine times and every time returned home on the shield, in seven cases failing to hit the opponent's gate. 

    The arrival of Claudio Ranieri on the coaching bridge of Nantes settles the flimsy hope in the minds of the fans - for the first time in many years the team has designated claims for getting into European cups. It's still too early to say in detail, but the current fifth line of "canaries" attracts attention. 

    Another thing is that it is more and more difficult to get valuable points "yellow-green", and the tactic chosen by the Italian to "exhaust" the opponent and his players takes a lot of energy. In addition, in a duel against PSG, it can be useless.

    PSG: Areola, Trapp - Berchiche, Dani Alves, Kurzawa, Marquinhos, T. Silva - Lo Celso, Moura, Nkuncu, Pastore, Verrati, Rabio - Cavani, Di Maria, Draxler, Mbappa, Neimar. 

    Claudio Ranieri has almost no problems with the composition, so the Italian took 21 players to Paris with him. There are no Slovenian midfielder Renee Krhin, injured in training, and Caliph Coulibaly, who is also preparing for the operation. Returning from Africa only on Thursday, Prezus Nakulma was on the list. Still, Burkinab has issued a hat-trick in the game for the national team at the gate of Cape Verde, and his help can be very useful if the game does not go to Sal or Bammu. Interestingly, when asked by the journalist that Ranieri does not like the scheme with the three central defenders, Claudio smiled enigmatically: "I won the King's Cup in Spain with tactics 3-4-3. I'm familiar with all the schemes." 

    Nantes: Dupe, Ollero, Teterushanu - Diego Carlos, Pallua, Gigi, Lima, Avazem, Dubois, Quateng - Iloki, Tomasson, El-Ganassi, Mutussami, Touré, Girrotto, Ronje - Sala, Bammu, Nakulma, Ngom.

    PSG vs Nantes 4:1

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