Putin: Russian arms supply to 59 countries and bookings are not shrinking
Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Russian arms were being supplied to 59 countries, contacts on cooperation with 80 countries and the package of bookings was not shrinking. 

"In 2017, Russian weapons were returned to 59 countries, and we have stable contacts in the field of military-technical cooperation with 80 countries. It is very important that the basket of bookings on national military products does not decline," Putin said at the last meeting of a series of meetings to discuss military affairs. Sputnik. Putin pointed out that this was the result of financial support and credit in a timely manner to the institutions of the military industrial complex and other steps by the state.

 The Russian leader stressed that the potential of the Russian military industrial complex and the continuous improvement of armament and equipment, including the use of technology in combat conditions, "allow Russia to maintain leadership positions among military exporters in the world and to dynamically develop military-technical cooperation with partners abroad."

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