Qatar plans to build the largest port on the Red Sea

Qatar plans to build the largest port on the Red Sea
    Qatar plans to build the largest port on the Red Sea
    The Sudanese government has announced the launch of talks with the Qatari government to establish the largest container port on the Red Sea coast, in a step described by the media in Qatar as a "painful blow to the countries of the blockade."

    "Qatar's decision to build the port was based on the directives and the will of the government," Transport Minister Makawi Awad said in a speech at a parliament session on Wednesday. "Qatar intends to develop the Red Sea coast" in Sudan.

    He said that Khartoum and Doha have not yet reached an agreement on how, how and what kind of operation will be reached, whether in the form of partnership, the bot system, or through investment.

    The official Qatari daily Al-Sharq reported that the initiative aims to expand Qatari investments in Sudan, which currently amount to more than $ 3.8 billion.

    Qatar's investments abroad "contribute to the diversification of the country's economy in accordance with the vision of the country 2030," the newspaper said, adding that building the largest port on the Red Sea would be a "painful blow to the countries of the blockade," namely Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt.

    In a related context, the Sudanese Minister of Transport described the news about renting Port Sudan to Dubai Ports Company as a "mere rumor."

    He stressed that there is no desire or effort for the Sudanese state to hand over the Port of Sudan to the Dubai Ports Company, whether for operation or leasing.

    He pledged that the port would not be privatized or that workers would be displaced, stressing Sudan's efforts to develop, modernize and develop. He pointed out that the temporary employment at the port is larger than the permanent number, with 2,000 workers, some of whom hold university degrees.

    He explained that the future of the Red Sea is not only for Sudan, but for Sudan and its neighbors, referring to the agreement between Sudan and Qatar to expand Port Sudan to become the largest container port in the country.

    Qatari Finance Minister Ali Shareef Al-Emadi recently visited the Sudanese capital Khartoum and met with President Omar al-Bashir and discussed economic relations between the two countries.

    Sudanese Finance Minister Mohammed Othman said he had held talks with his Qatari counterpart, which reached several understandings and joint projects in various fields that would push the economy forward in Sudan.

    Source: Sudan Tribune + Sona + East
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