Russian authorities arrest 200 people to demonstrate against Putin in Moscow
Russian police on Sunday arrested more than 200 activists gathered in central Moscow for an unauthorized demonstration against President Vladimir Putin, the official Tass news agency reported. A police source quoted the agency as saying after an opposition rally in front of the Kremlin: "The number of people arrested He reached two hundred. "

In a related context, a group of young people who participated in a national march coincided with celebrations of the national unity day, and clashes broke out between them and the police on Saturday, ended with the arrest of large numbers of them, while others were injured and taken to hospitals to receive the necessary assistance.

The day of national unity, founded 10 years ago to mark the events of more than 400 years, is connected to the end of the era of crisis and difficult problems in the history of Russia, where the popular forces led by Prince Dmitry Bozarski expelled the Polish invaders from Moscow, followed by the liberation of the country in full On 4 November 1612.

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