Russians celebrate Mother's Day

Russians celebrate Mother's Day
    Russians celebrate Mother's Day
    Today is Mother's Day. This holiday is celebrated on the last Sunday of November. We all owe much to our mothers. They gave us life, gave their love.

    Today mothers are congratulated all over the country. There are concerts, ceremonial receptions, exhibitions. In the social networks, a flashmob "Thank you, Mom" ​​was organized. Tens of thousands of people - and ordinary people, and the stars of cinema, sports, television have published a small video with touching stories about their moms.

    It would seem that all we need is to say "thanks" to the most dear and close, the one that will always understand and support, but the voice starts to tremble, and there are tears in her eyes.

    Famous people rarely talk about their relatives, share so personal experiences. But on this day, Mother's Day, everything changes. They publicly confess, repent, ask for forgiveness and are explained in love.

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