Saad Hariri, Prime Minister of Lebanon: I will return to Beirut within days
Saad Hariri, the Lebanese Prime Minister resigned, that there is a team in Lebanon trying to hit the stability of the Gulf, declaring that he will return to Beirut very soon and the constitutional procedures to resign, stressing that he wrote his resignation himself, and there are security measures prevented him to submit a resignation in Lebanon.

Hariri made the remarks in his first interview with Al-Mustaqbal satellite channel in Lebanon after his resignation from Saudi Arabia, stressing that he must take his place to reassure himself in Lebanon, which will return within days.

"It is my duty as prime minister to tell the truth, I want a settlement for Lebanon and I will not back down, and we have no interest as Lebanese in adding Arab sanctions against us," he said.

"There is a team in Lebanon that is trying to hit," he said. "There is a security threat against him in Beirut, but the interest of Lebanon is more important than anything he has. He will return to Lebanon very soon to adopt the constitutional methods to submit his resignation. Gulf stability, I wrote a statement of resignation and I liked to do a positive shock. "

The outgoing Prime Minister of Lebanon said that he is free and can return to Lebanon at any time, and continued: "days and returned to Lebanon."

The resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, announced on November 4 from Riyadh, sparked a resounding surprise in Lebanon's political circles and sparked a wave of rumors that Hariri was under house arrest in Riyadh.

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