Saudi Arabia First Time Tourist Visa 2018

Saudi Arabia First Time Tourist Visa 2018
    Saudi Arabia First Time Tourist Visa 2018
    Saudi Arabia is taking off in tourism to reduce its dependence on the oil in the economy. 

    The Saudi government will grant visas for those who wish to come to the country as tourists for the first time in 2018.

    Saudi Arabia, whose tourism income depends only on Muslim countries to fulfill the crucifixion, is preparing a new move in tourism.

    Prince Sultan bin Salman, who is the head of the Saudi Tourism Commission, said that for the ones who want to experience the country and see its beauty, touristic visions will start to be given from next year. The Saudi Arabia visa was limited to those who wanted to visit the holy places and to come to work and work in the country until now.

    Saudi Arabia's tourism push is aimed at reducing the dependence of the country's economy on oil. It is aimed to attract 30 million tourists per year by 2030 and to increase annual tourism income to 47 billion dollars by 2020.

    Saudi Arabia has also begun investments to attract tourists to achieve this goal. Holiday villagers will be built in the country along the Red Sea, and a theme park will be built by 2022.

    Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman announced that they will construct a mega-city at a cost of 500 billion dollars on the coast of the Red Sea in the past days. In this case, the city will be linked to Egypt and Jordan.

    The city, NEOM, which will be spread over an area of ​​26,500 square kilometers, will be built in the Gulf of Aqaba and close to the Suez Canal and the sea trade routes.
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