Saudi authorities stopped a number of princes and ministers in corruption cases in the kingdom
The Saudi media revealed some of the personalities involved in corruption cases in the Kingdom, including the owner of the BBC channel group Waleed Al-Ibrahim, the arrest of Prince Meteeb bin Abdullah after his removal from the post of Saudi Minister of National Guard, The former king, Khalid Al-Twaijri.

The Saudi media reported that Saudi Economy and Planning Minister Adel Fakih was arrested for his involvement in corruption cases.

The Saudi news channel published a video of Prince Mohammed Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince, during a recorded meeting in which he said: "No one will enter the corruption case, whoever is a prince or a minister." This comes in line with a campaign launched by the Kingdom against the corrupt and the custody of their money Preventing them from traveling.

Saudi media revealed the arrest of Saudi businessman Saleh Kamel and his sons and prevented them from traveling and freezing their assets.

The Saudi media said that the decision to suspend a number of former Saudi princes and ministers came after the decision of King Salman bin Abdul Aziz to form a high committee to fight corruption under the chairmanship of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

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