Senegal defeats South Africa and qualifies for the 2018 World Cup
Senegal qualified for the 2018 World Cup after defeating South Africa 2-0 on Friday in the second round of Group D of the African qualifiers for the World Cup.

The International Football Federation had canceled the match between the two teams previously, and ended South Africa 2-1 victory last November, after confirming that Joseph Lampetti rule the game on bribes and match-fixing.

Senegal's Davra Sakho and South African defender Tamsakna scored twice in the 12th and 39th minute.

The Senegalese team joins the World Cup qualifiers after the national team and Nigeria. The Senegalese side lifted their points to 11 points, leading Group D ahead of the sixth round matches, Burkina Faso second with six points, while Cape Verde, who finished third, and South Africa finally, scored 4 points.

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