Slavia Prague vs Villarreal live stream Thursday 02 November 2017 UEFA Europa League

Slavia Prague vs Villarreal live stream Thursday 02 November 2017 UEFA Europa League
    The Czechs were very tough for Villarreal. The Spaniards hoped that the first match in their field would be an easy walk against the Czech team, but Slavia completely unexpectedly led everyone in the score in two balls! "Yellow submarine" even equalized in the first half, but she did not manage to wrest victory. 

    At the moment, Villarreal and Slavia are the leaders of the group A, in the struggle for the exit from which after the third round, Astana actively joined, defeating the Israeli Maccabi at home. Slavia does not often win in this selection - only two wins in seven games. But in favor of the Czechs is the fact that the home team in three meetings of the season won twice with one draw. 

    Villarreal will be difficult to cope with the defense of Slavia, which did not miss a goal in 5 of the last 6 matches in Europe. Slavia has an experienced team with quality players in almost every line. Villarreal last results (two draws in a row) jeopardized the exit from the group, because the team of Javier Callehi initially poorly played away - five games of the last six without victories, and at home there is already a loss of points. In favor of Villarreal is the fact that the team has self-confidence even on a visit - in five of the last seven matches, yellow scored goals and in 10 of 11 did not lose. 

    Villarreal, it's time to get down to business, because with the victory of Astana in Israel and the defeat of the Spaniards in the Czech Republic, the struggle for the exit will become acute.

    Slavia Prague vs Villarreal 0:2

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