South Africa vs Senegal live stream Friday 10 Nov 2017 World Cup qualifier

South Africa vs Senegal live stream Friday 10 Nov 2017 World Cup qualifier
    South Africa vs Senegal live stream Friday 10 Nov 2017 World Cup qualifier
    South Africa completely failed the qualification. After 4 matches, he has one victory, one draw and two defeats. The group is not the most difficult. The main rival is Senegal, with whom the South Africans will play in the next match. Also rivals for the group of Burkina Faso and Cape Verde. Teams that South Africa, it would seem, can and should take place. But it was not there.

    Matches of the national team of South Africa are famous for goals - in 4 matches 12 goals were scored, thus an average of 3 per game. Should I expect the same match? The question is controversial. On the one hand, South Africa is a team that has a rather weak composition, there are no star players, but at the same time they know how to create and realize the moments. Thus, they scored and passed at least one goal in each match. Score in the upcoming match, I think it will not work, but to miss - it's easy.

    Why easy? Because Senegal is currently quite a strong team, which has very strong players from the top leagues of Europe. Senegal is the leader of the group, but the pass to the World Cup is not yet guaranteed. On the heels comes Burkina Faso, who have another game in reserve. Thus, Senegal now needs to win back as confidently as possible and not lose.

    6 goals scored and 2 missed in 4 matches qualifications - an excellent result. In the attack there is a bunch of Balde Keita (Monaco) + Sadio Manet (Liverpool), which couple organize most of the moments. As a result - 6 goals scored. Protection is also represented by powerful players. Serin Kara (Anderlecht) and Kalida Culibali (Napoli) are responsible for the safety of their gates and are very good at the task. Missed only 2 goals, which were scored by the national team of Burkina Faso.

    South Africa will not save anything. Of course, in theory there are chances, but judging by the game and the motivation of the players, the sensation will not happen. As already written, Senegal needs to win. Away team in both games scored 2 goals (Cape Verde and Burkina Faso). The star structure, weakness and lack of tournament motivation in South Africa, an excellent productive game - all this speaks in favor of Senegal. I did not find an option better than to take more than one goal guests. They could not score only one match out of four (against Burkina Faso), where it was just fucking bad luck with the implementation of the moments. I expect at least one goal from Senegal, which will already give a return.

    South Africa vs Senegal 0:2

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