South Korea aims to cancel abortion ban

South Korea aims to cancel abortion ban
    South Korea aims to cancel abortion ban
    Jeon Hub - Presidential House Blue Coat of Hamman - In says that it will begin to consider whether to repeal the law banning abortion. After 230,000 South Koreans filed their petition with the government, the law was repealed. 

    This law came into force in 1953, after South Korea was out of the Korean War and the South Korean government wanted to increase its population enough to protect North Korea.

    Until 2516, the abortion of a mother can be aborted if the fetus is at risk of abnormalities. Or a pregnancy caused by sexual crimes.

    The health experts in the country said. The past has pushed. Make changes to the law prohibiting abortion. It was always opposed by religious groups. 

    And because of that, South Korea is one of the least fertile countries in the world. However, the statement said. 

    The government will conduct research on abortion lawsuits, with further review of the law. Meanwhile, the South Korean official said. There were 16,900 abortions in 2010, and only 6% were legal abortions.
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