Switzerland vs Northern Ireland online Live Stream November 12-11 - 2017 World Cup 2018 Qualification
In the first match, the Swiss have achieved an ideal result for themselves and are in excellent spirits approaching the return match. Away team of Vladimir Petkovic was better than his opponent, but without a scandal still did not happen. The referee of the meeting Ovidiu Khatsegan made a very ambiguous decision, appointed a penalty to the gate of the Northern Ireland for alleged play by the hand of Corry Evans, and thanks to this the guests left Belfast with a victory.

Repeat it was clear that as such the game was not a hand and the ball most likely hit the shoulder. However, the referee pointed to the point and Ricardo Rodriguez realized a penalty. After the match, Khatsegan was criticized as the coach of the Northern Ireland team, and the players, but the truth from this, in truth, is not enough. The bill, as they say, on the scoreboard. Michael O'Neill expressed the hope that in the second leg the referee will make a mistake in favor of his team, but it's already behind the scenes.

According to the game, the Swiss were stronger than their opponent and deserved to win, but the fact remains - the decisive goal was scored not by the rules. Even if you do not take into account this moment, Khatsegan sued very unsuccessfully. The arbitrator whistled practically with each single combat, knocked down the pace and, roughly speaking, did not allow teams to play football. Let's hope that today's referee Felix Brykh will forgive players more and will not whistle with every fall of a football player.

After the home defeat the task of the Northern Ireland team became more complicated. The Swiss and on the road were stronger, and at home with the support of the stands they can completely sweep the opponent out of their way. The guests will open, and this is exactly what the Petkovich team needs. The hosts will play on the account and may well give the initiative to the opponent and play on the counterattack.

Approximate compositions:

Switzerland: Sommer-Lichtsteiner, Cher, Akandzhi, Rodriguez-Jaka, Zakaria-Shakiri, Dzemali, Mehmedi-Seferovic

Northern Ireland: McGovern - McLaughlin, J. Evans, Macaulie, Brant - Davis, K. Evans - Magenis, Norwood, Dallas - Washington

Disqualified: K. Evans (Northern Ireland)

Injured: -

In doubt: Dallas (Northern Ireland)

Switzerland vs Northern Ireland 0:0

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