The accused of killing Christian priest in Egypt: Abu Trika and Hadi Khashba ordered the execution
Egypt's Al-Shorouq newspaper reported on Thursday that the accused of killing a priest in the al-Marg area mentioned the names of former Ahli players Hadi Khashba and Mohammed Abu Trika as "an order to carry out" the crime.

The Egyptian newspaper reported that the accused Ahmed al-Sunbati presented the court with a number of figures including Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badia, leaders Essam El-Erian, Mohamed El-Beltagy, former Ahli players Hadi Khashaba and Mohamed Abu Trika.

Ahmed al-Sunbati faces the charge of deliberately killing Sheikha Samadhan Shehata with premeditation in Al-Marg area.

Al-Shorouk reported the details of the crime based on the investigation records. He said that the accused was the owner of the intention and determined to kill any of the Christian clergy. He prepared a white weapon for him. He was lying to him in a place where he was sure he passed, and when he saw him stabbing him with several stabs and blows in various parts of his body, His last breath died from injuries.

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