The Egyptian army announces the elimination of all terrorist elements in the oases
A statement issued by the armed forces said that as a continuation of the joint military-security operation carried out by the armed forces and the police to target the terrorist elements involved in the operation of the oases and the continuation of efforts to track the elements of the air strike carried out yesterday, the Air Force in cooperation with the lightning forces and police to inventory and install The terrorist group follows the desert region west of the city of Fayoum, and the implementation of a precision air strike resulted in the elimination of all terrorist elements in the area of ​​the event, while continuing to combat groups backed by a Combing the desert air routes in the vicinity of the operation.

The armed forces and the police announced yesterday that it is about revenge for the martyrs of the national duty and on the basis of confirmed information in cooperation with elements of the Ministry of the Interior about the hiding places of terrorist elements that targeted the police forces on the road to the oases. Under orders from the General Command of the Armed Forces, Hide the terrorist elements on the road to the oases in a mountainous area west of Fayoum.

The strikes resulted in the destruction of three four-wheel-drive vehicles loaded with large quantities of weapons, ammunition and highly explosive materials and the elimination of a large number of terrorist elements, while the air force, in cooperation with police, combed the area to eliminate the fugitives.

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