The Egyptian government announces the establishment of 36 new colleges

The Egyptian government announces the establishment of 36 new colleges
    The Egyptian government announces the establishment of 36 new colleges
    Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative Reform, announced that the government has set up 36 new colleges to take into consideration the needs of the labor market and bridge the gap between the outputs of the learning process and the labor market, stressing that one of the main challenges facing Egypt in writing the sustainable development strategy 2030 Number of youth.

    Al-Saeed said in a press statement that these colleges were established according to the competitive advantage in the region or territory of his and gave her example of the colleges that were established in the Suez Canal area where there will be logistics suitable for the region and benefit graduates so they can serve in the channel.

    She added that the emphasis is now on the adoption of universities and colleges with the pursuit of more international partnership to address the problem of quality of the educational process, saying: "We will not start again, but we start where the others ended"

    As for scientific research and innovation, Al-Saeed clarified that scientific research was based on theoretical theory and missed the idea of ​​applied scientific research, stressing that the existence of a number of initiatives to address this problem, such as the "Professor for each factory" initiative, which allows the presence of a professor with a team of researchers to serve a full- Driven in a factory as a goal to link scientific research and industry.

    She noted that there is an important program of partnership between education, government, civil society and media institutions.

    Al-Saeed stressed the role of media institutions in presenting success stories, pointing out that there is already a program under the name of "Cairo innovator", which encourages innovators. It provides an exhibition of innovation that presents success stories and presents them through Egyptian television and human development to train

    She stressed that attention is not only technical and professional skills, but also the building of personality, which is not only through interaction and direct dialogue between young people and all state institutions and leaders to create a leadership personality promising.
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