The fact of the latest rumors of the end of the world
The world of NASA once again revealed the secrets of the claims about the end of the world, Sunday, November 19, as a mysterious planet collided with Earth.

In an interview with SETI last week, space scientist David Morrison said: "There is no such planet, and it did not exist at all.

According to some, the mysterious planet known as Planet X, or Nibiru, is outside our solar system, ready to destroy Earth.

Morrison explained that there is no evidence of this, saying: "Astronomers are tracking what is going on in the universe and the sky well, and did not say anything about this In addition, if there is a large body enters the solar system, the attractiveness will affect the orbits of the planets , And we would have discovered that long before the mysterious body approached the earth. "

Morrison has followed Nibiru's earlier rumors. In 2008, he wrote: "I assumed Nibiru was a kind of Internet rumor that would pass quickly."

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