The horror Jigsaw 2017 Movie at the top of the box office with revenues of $ 32 million
The horror film "Jigsaw", topped by the world box office during its first week, continued to generate revenue of 32 million US dollars after being screened at more than 2,941 movie theaters around the world since it was released last Friday, according to the US Box Office Mugu .

The film belongs to the horror and crime category, produced by the Lions Jet Cinema Studios, directed by Michael Spirrig and starring Beth Gold Wenger, and starring a large number of stars, including Laura Vanderfoort, Tobin Bell, Britney Allen, Calum Keith Renee, Matt Bassmore, Hannah Emily Anderson, Kelly Bennett, Tina Gang, Sonia Delon took over.

The story of the film revolves around horror and excitement, about the bodies of dead people spread throughout the city, and as the investigation into the identity of the culprit of these heinous deaths, where all the evidence refers to one man, John Kramer, but how it happens years after his death, Which confirms that there is a mystery behind these heinous crimes.

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