The Russian army to reduce the size of the military force in Syria
The military chief of staff said on Thursday that it is possible to reduce the size of the military force in Syria.

But he declined to give further details on the date and scope of the possible reduction.

Earlier, Russian Chief of Staff Valery Girasimov announced that "the active phase of the military operation" in Syria, where Russian forces are intervening to support Bashar al-Asad's regime, "is nearing completion."

"The active phase of the military operation in Syria is nearing completion, although there is a series of problems, but this stage is nearing its logical conclusion," he said during a meeting in Sochi, southwest with his Iranian and Turkish counterparts, On the eve of a summit between the heads of these three countries.

These statements come with an active Russian movement to prepare for what Russia calls the post-war political process. It also comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Sochi, where they discussed the basic principles of organizing a "peaceful political process" and the possibility of holding a national dialogue conference on Syria.

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