The ski world paid tribute to David Poisson

The ski world paid tribute to David Poisson
    The ski world paid tribute to David Poisson
    The funeral of the French skier, who accidentally killed himself while training in Canada, took place this Sunday.

    The setting was beautiful, at the bottom of the valley, a few kilometers after Peisey (Savoie), where David Poisson liked to walk around and take Leo, his son born in March 2016. There were the words of his friends, his cousins , François his first coach, Sebastien his big brother. So simple. So strong. From Lake Louise, where they were competing for a super-G a few hours later, his brothers descent had passed a text that ends like this: "the brave do not live long but the prudent do not live at all ..."
    Killy, Crétier, Dénériaz and the others

    Then Jeannette, the mother of David Poisson, died at age 35 on November 13 after a fall in training spoke. To say the pain and especially the love and helplessness of a mother facing the loss of her child. "I will try to be strong again. Strong forever. Hi Kaillou. Hi Bolide. "
    The applause and the tears of a crowd in which were discreetly slipped Jean-Claude Killy, Sandra Laoura, Perrine Pelen, Marion Rolland, Jean Luc Cretier, Dénériaz Antoine, Jean-Pierre Vidal or Julien Lizeroux, escorted the coffin until heart of the village.
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