Tottenham vs Real Madrid live stream 1/11/2017 UEFA Champions League

Tottenham vs Real Madrid live stream 1/11/2017 UEFA Champions League
    makes a forecast for the match of the group stage of the UEFA Champions League between Madrid "Real" and London "Tottenham"
    If it were not for the disgusting game of Dortmund's Borussia in the current Champions League, the match between Tottenham and Real could become a real cherry on the cake in the "H" group. There would be a battle of three titans for the first two places and each match would become saturated with passion. But alas, the game of the German team has deprived the neutral fan of all intrigue.

    Both clubs lost the last matches in their national championships. And if the defeat of "Tottenham" (0: 1) on the road from the direct competitor "Manchester United" can not be called a failure, then "Real", albeit also on the road, lost one of the outsiders "Examples" - "Girona" 1: 2. Unequivocally, we can say that the Madrid "kingdom" has certain problems, even though the best player in the world plays in the club, and the best coach of the planet coaches the team.

    But the championship of Spain is one thing, and the Champions League is completely different. Do not be surprised, given the standings, that the teams will just play in their own fun and disperse the world. After a draw at Wembley, in fact, unhook Borussia from this tandem. Even with the victory of the "bumblebees" over APOEL-ohm and "Tottenham", and "Real" has yet to play with the Cypriots. And given the difference in the class, we can assume that this is a guaranteed three points for both, and the other.
    When both teams are satisfied with a draw, it usually happens. It is not entirely clear why bookmakers for such an outcome offer such a high ratio - from 3.5 to 3.85, considering that the Spaniards are the favorite in the match. Still, "Tottenham" looks pretty good at home in his native "Wembley." Therefore, I will propose the option that the hosts will not lose. It is quite a decent 1.64 - 1.71.

    And, if the scenario described above is true, then with a high degree of probability the match will not become rude. No one needs unnecessary injuries, and clubs treat each other with respect. So one more variant of the bet for today's game is less than 4.5 yellow cards.
    Bet: a) Tottenham will not lose for 1.64-1.71 and b) the match will show less than 4.5 yellow cards for 1.65.

    Tottenham vs Real Madrid 3:1

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