Turkish actress meryem uzerli engaged to Egyptian actor Bassel Alzaro

Turkish actress meryem uzerli engaged to Egyptian actor Bassel Alzaro
    Turkish actress meryem uzerli engaged to Egyptian actor Bassel Alzaro
    Turkish actress meryem uzerli, a 34-year-old Egyptian actress, has revealed her official engagement to Egyptian actor and journalist Bassel Al-Zaro, 31, who is three years younger than her, by publishing a video of her with a romantic dinner on Wednesday evening. The marriage is officially in a quiet romantic atmosphere.

    She did not hesitate to approve his request quickly, saying "Yes - Evet". She gave her a diamond engagement ring, photographed herself from a car driven by a private driver on her return to the hotel where she was staying, and waved her hand with a happy ring swaying on poetic music.

    The engagement of meryem uzerli and Bassel Alzaro has been an official acquaintance with her family, who traveled to Germany a few weeks ago to meet her elder sister, singer Jeanne meryem uzerli. Then he met officially a week ago in Dubai with her parents, Hussein and Ursula meryem uzerli, who agreed on the relationship of their daughter meryem uzerli before meeting them.

    The good relationship, which began with a professional media interview between meryem uzerli and Bassel Alzaro for his "ET in Arabic" program, developed into an emotional relationship in August to the point of spending the summer vacation with her in Germany and her visit to Istanbul. Ongoing. No date has yet been set for their wedding.

    Maryam Ozerli's quick response to the request of the marriage of Bassel Alzaro shows her great confidence in him as the spiritual father of her daughter Lara, who previously stated that she would only marry a man who loved her daughter Lara just like his love.

    meryem uzerli was suffering from emotional suffering with her first Turkish boyfriend, runaway businessman Jean Aetich, the father of her only daughter, "Lara, 5 years," who called her to abortion immediately after he knew that he was pregnant because he was satisfied with his children from a previous marriage.

    She suffered further suffering with her second Turkish lover businessman Albu Ozgan, who separated from him twice and did not have emotional relationship year between the tide of emotional unstable.

    She admitted in several interviews in 2016 that she was not good at choosing the right man in her life, and she did not obey her mother's advice to avoid Turkish men because they would hurt her.
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