Valencia vs Barcelona Live Stream online Today 26 -11- 2017 Spain - La Liga

Valencia vs Barcelona Live Stream online Today 26 -11- 2017 Spain - La Liga
    Valencia vs Barcelona Live Stream online Today 26 -11- 2017 Spain - La Liga
    At the moment, it is the match between Valencia and Barcelona that is the central match of the first round. With all due respect to Real, from them already to the 13th round little depends. Today in Madrid will keep their fists for the "mice", and if they can not stop the "machine" Valverde, then the battle for the championship can be gradually forgotten. 

    Valencia and Barcelona are approaching full-time confrontation in a beautiful game form. Both teams scored a crazy move and now is the perfect time for them to test their strength in the match against each other. Marcelino continues modestly to say that his team is by no means the contender for the championship, and he is absolutely right. True, with one amendment. Today it can be fixed.

    If Valencia wins, there will be no reason to believe that the current stage is luck and a fortunate coincidence. And what about Barca? Looking at the standings, the guests will be satisfied with the draw on Mestalla, but does anyone believe that the players "blaugranas" will come to Valencia to play for a draw? Judging by the current form of rivals, today a real goal extravaganza may very well occur, however, on the other hand, given the importance of the match, it is likely that this evening the teams will focus their attention on the defense as much as possible. As part of both teams there are players who are able to solve the outcome of matches alone, so it will be extremely reckless to reveal and denude the rear.

    The main task for Valencia is not to burn out before the fight begins. The team has everything to give Bars a good fight, you just need to correctly approach the match. And Marcelino will take care of this, do not hesitate. Another important point - on the eve came the great news for all Barcelona fans - Leo Messi finally extended the contract with the club. Thus, the leadership managed to relieve the tension that was hovering around Leo and, roughly speaking, the whole team. A great step before the most important fight.

    As for the personnel situation, there are problems for both teams. However, the guests are more serious. Due to disqualification, today's match will miss the leader of the defense of "blue-garnet" Gerard Pique. In addition to this, injured Mascherano, who could play at this position. What are the options? Thomas Vermaelen. The Belgian recently complained to the press that he successfully plays in the Belgian national team, but in Barcelona he is not given a chance. Here, Thomas, please. Use it. In the rest of the trouble, Valverde does not. Valencia, in turn, also will not play the most important player of defense Jason Murillo - he is injured. Instead, we'll see him on the lawn of Garay.

    By the way, all 55 thousand tickets for this match were sold for a long time.

    Approximate compositions:

    Valencia: Neto - Montoya, Paulista, Garay, Gaia - Soler, Parejo, Kondogbia, Gedesh - Dzadza, Moreno

    Barcelona: Ter Stegen - Semedu, Vermaelen, Umtiti, Alba - Alcácer, Rakitić, Busquets, Iniesta - L. Suárez, Messi

    Injured: Jimenez, Murillo - Rafinha, Dembele, Gomes, Roberto, Mascherano

    Disqualified: Pique (Barcelona)

    Interesting Facts:

    - Barcelona won 18 of the last 19 matches in the Example.

    - Valencia won 8 last bouts in La Liga.

    - Barcelona did not lose to Valencia in 21 of the last 23 matches in all tournaments.

    - Valencia did not miss in 5 of the last 6 matches in her field.

    - Barcelona did not miss out on 5 of the last 7 matches in the Example.

    - In the last 3 matches in Mestalla Valencia scored Barcelona at least twice.

    Valencia vs Barcelona 1:1

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