Venezuela enters' default` due to lack of payment of interest from the state electricity company
Venezuela today fell into default by failing to pay interest on a $ 650 million ($ 560 million) bond from state-owned electric company Corpoelec.

The lack of payment, according to the Venezuelan press, was advanced by the company Wilmington Trust, the fiduciary of the title, in a statement sent today to the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

According to Internet portal La Patilla, the holders saw the bonds, which mature in 2018 as the highest risk and therefore fell to a record low of 0.23 dollars (0.19 euros).

"A possible default by state oil company Petroleos da Venezuela SA (PDVSA) as well as sovereign bonds could lead creditors to try to claim assets of the oil company, but in this case foreign investors have nothing to confiscate," he said. he explained.

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