Vitesse vs Waregem live stream Thursday 02 November 2017 UEFA Europa League
Vitesse in our game will be a well-deserved favorite, and this is largely due to the home factor. After the Dutch team lost to Lazio and Nice, it became clear that he could not win in the group of success, but here's the match with the Italians in his arena left a good impression. 

Vitesse played there perfectly, as for the difference in the class of teams. In the group situation is stalemate, but if you can defeat your future opponent, and Nice will lose Lazio, then for a while you can dream about the playoffs, because there will be only two points behind. But we all understand that Vitesse as a result will not go anywhere. 

Zulte-Waregem was supposed to take three points in the last meeting with the same Vittes, did not grow together - a draw 1: 1, which, due to the worst goal difference, left the Belgians on the last line. And if you consider that the Dutch were closer to victory, then on Zulte-Waregem in general, you can put a cross in this group, at Vitesse though the game is, with the same Lazio at home. Can the Dutch bring in at least a small, if only a theoretical intrigue in this group? Yes, the victory of Zulte-Waregem, too, it can make with a certain scenario of the second match, but the game is not the same as we said.

Vitesse vs Waregem 2:0

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