Whats App application disabled in Egypt and most of the world
Many users around the world complained that they could not use Wattsp, including large parts of Europe, the UK, India and Egypt, and that they were unable to send messages to each other as the service continued to say " connecting "with a flag showing that the message did not reach the other party.

It is not known how bad the interruption is, but it seems to be widespread in parts of the world. This is evident from the complaints posted by users via the Twitter site, and Hashtag has been published to monitor the spread.

"Earlier in the day, WattsApp users worldwide could not access the application, but we identified the problem, we are working to fix it, and we apologize for the inconvenience," the company spokesman said.

The DownDetector site, which tracks social commentary on a particular topic around the world, confirmed that WattsApp is not working for thousands of users. The problem started around 8:00 am and continues so far, and the site says 60 percent of customers have trouble communicating.

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