Yemen: Governor of Aden resigns to Hadi and attacks the government
The governor of Aden Abdul Aziz al-Muflihi sent a letter to Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi in which he applied for his resignation from office, accusing Prime Minister Ahmed bin Dajar Kamel of responsibility for the deterioration of the province's situation.

"Unfortunately, I found myself in a fierce war with a large corruption camp, with trained cadres and guarded fortresses led by Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Obeid bin Daghr," he said in a letter he sent to Hadi on Thursday.

"He is a man of regime and law and can not infringe upon the state's money and is distributing it to build brigades, camps or buy weapons."

He said that the deteriorating conditions and the very bad conditions experienced by Aden reached unprecedented stages through the absence of basic services and high prices, in conjunction with the rapid and frightening collapse of the local currency against foreign currencies, in light of the war in the country since 2015.

He stressed that the great efforts exerted by the local authority in Aden to stop this "systematic deterioration" failed because of the government, which "has always put obstacles after obstacles to the reasons that should be held accountable for them."

He also accused the government of obstructing "all efforts and continuous attempts to support the brothers in the Arab alliance, which we began in the journey of a thousand miles to go the way of restoring the renaissance and development of Aden."

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