Zimbabwe crisis: President Robert Mugabe demands honorable exit
A Zimbabwean source said President Robert Mugabe had asked for guarantees that he would leave office along with a decent exit from power.

The BBC reported on Friday that negotiations were continuing on Mugabe's future, adding that some reports said progress was being made towards reaching an agreement that would leave him in power.

Zimbabwe's opposition leader and former Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has called on Mugabe to step down to stabilize the country and the will of the Zimbabwean people.

The military in Zimbabwe seized power on Wednesday morning and deployed military vehicles in the streets of the capital Harare, denying that it would be a military coup, stressing that the move was aimed at "criminals surrounding President Robert Mugabe."

President Mugabe, aged 93, has been leading Zimbabwe since the country gained independence from Britain in 1980.
In a related context, some 13,000 people in Zimbabwe signed an e-petition calling on neighboring countries and other foreign governments not to interfere in the crisis over the future of President Robert Mugabe.

"The Zimbabweans and the international humanitarian community have asked you to help resolve the Zimbabwean conflict against dictator Mugabe and you have replied that Zimbabwe is a sovereign country and its people must solve their own problems," said the petition, quoted by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). People do it. "

The South African Development Community (SADC) held a meeting in neighboring Botswana on Thursday and called for a regional summit to discuss the crisis and urged Zimbabwe to resolve its political challenges by peaceful means, the network said.

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