10 killed in an attack on a church in Helwan, Egypt

10 killed in an attack on a church in Helwan, Egypt
    10 killed in an attack on a church in Helwan, Egypt
    The Egyptian Ministry of Health said 10 people were killed Friday in a terrorist attack on the church of Mermina in Helwan, south of Cairo.

    This came the outcome of the speech by its spokesman Khalid Mujahid, who added in an interview with the site "the seventh day."

    In an interview with Egyptian television, the spokesman explained that two wounded women were taken to the intensive care unit at Helwan General Hospital, while the condition of the other three wounded was described as simple to moderate.

    For its part, the Egyptian Interior Ministry said in a statement that the outcome of the attack is the killing of nine people, including a police officer and eight citizens, and wounding four others, including a police secretary, confirming the arrest of the attacker.

    For its part, the Egyptian media quoted security sources as saying that the attack was carried out by at least two attackers, one was liquidated and the second arrested after being injured while chasing him.

    Activists on social networking sites posted a video showing a state of terror surrounding the citizens as they watched an exchange of fire between security forces and terrorists in the vicinity of the church.

    In turn, reported the site of "the seventh day" the dismantling of security elements explosive belt was held by the terrorist who was eliminated.

    Activists posted pictures and videos from the scene, showing a body that was said to be the attacker.
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